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FIRST FRC Team 4096: Ctrl-Z

A Chance to Discover STEM

Ctrl-Z's Youth Academy provides your child with an individualized and engaging learning experience.


Hands On

The Youth Academy believes that kids learn best when they’re in the driver’s seat. By giving them the opportunity to experience things with their very own hands, Ctrl-Z is changing the way technology is taught and spread in our community.



Our handpicked and tested curriculum is tailored to kids of all ages and expertise. Over the years and through countless outreach activities, we’ve developed this program to be challenging and cutting edge.



Don’t worry, your child won’t be spending their whole day tinkering with motors and sensors. From crafts, to teamwork building activities, to general free-time, we have all sorts of fun activities planned that give kids a break from what they’ll be learning in the workshop.


Over the years, FIRST FRC team 4096, Ctrl-Z, has worked hard to interact with the greater Champaign-Urbana community. During this time, we’ve run countless demonstrations, exhibitions, workshops, and camps--all pertaining to STEM and robotics. Through these experiences, we’ve learned how to work with the youth of our community and how to inspire them to make a difference in our world. Thus, after months of planning and coordination, we are proud to present the Ctrl-Z Summer Youth Robotics Academy (SYRA), a brand new, summer day camp. We’ve taken all the experience we’ve gained from team outreach events over the past five years and applied it to construct one fun-filled and academically stimulating program for kids grades 3-8.

Our Process

Ctrl-Z's approach:



  • Exposure to STEM through...
  • Robot demonstrations
  • Real-life scientist and engineer presentations


  • Experimenting with…
  • Raw materials and tools
  • Electronics, including motors, sensors, and wiring
  • Computer-aided design and programming


  • Using skills to...
  • Design and build ideas
  • Program robots
  • Test and have fun!

Our Work

Just a few of the things we’ve done in the past:

Session 1:

July 11 - 15 & July 18-22

Session 2:

July 25 - 29 & August 1-5

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, 5 days per week


Our selections for this year's Academy

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8

Frequently Asked Questions

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First Session

$250 / week
$450 for both weeks
  • July 11-15 & July 18-22
  • 2 Age Groups : 3rd - 5th & 6th - 8th Grade

Second Session

$250 / week
$450 for both weeks
  • July 25-29 & August 1-5
  • 2 Age Groups : 3rd - 5th & 6th - 8th Grade
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Registration closes at 11:59, July 10

Our Team

We are a group of people with a passion for inspiring and educating the youth of the greater Champaign-Urbana community.

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